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Transmit Her

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In a day, every night

She chose to cry in a silent night

So it could dry for the morning time

Then she's bright again for the time

A time pass by

It's not that hard to be like that

Pretend, not like that

It was fake, she's not fake

If someone wanted a perfect pare

Transmit her


She's so perfect but not really

She's worthless a pay for free

In a trash can, you will see

A thousand bullets for stupidity

It isn't that hard to get her heart

But don't you there be so fast

She will see your moves

So dance like you won't lose

It was priceless

Throw your diamond in a sea

You'll find everything

In her eyes, you will see

Don't look too deeply

You'll go deeply

You can't get out

There's no way out


© 2020 Zzzone

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