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Transformers Rhymes

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


Hi, Im optimus prime.
I knew that it was time.

Time for me and my team.
To come to earth to be.

To become its protectors.
Because a cube holding power.

Has left our home planet.
& has become a magnet.

A magnet that is attracting.
Its been revealed in other countries.

That it’s surely on earth.
So I sent one soldier first.

To find us all a base.
As we were scattered around space.

But when soldiers was attacked.
I had to plan to counter attack.

They came just as I suspected.
For the power source location.

My soldier found and protected.
The teenager that had location.

Of the enemy that froze.
On this earth many years ago.

Searching for that power source.
For that source is the driving force.

For our home to be revived.
So I sent my soldier in time.

When he found the teen he noticed.
That the frozen was found and located.

On the earth in search.
For the source that will rebirth.


Student RHYMES

The darkness has risen.
I wished that we stopped the purpose.

Megatron is presumed dead.
But his army is still being led.

Led by his loyal assistant.
One that carries the same vision.

But after years alongside Megatron.
I feel that he‘s just resting on.

I know that he'd return.
We are here so the earth wont burn.

& the current leader has confirmed it.
When he went to the old location.

To retrieve the body.
All the while, I was fighting.

One of Megatron's students.
Who aimed to fulfil his purpose.

The battle was pretty tough.
But on our side lied luck.

Megatron's in a stasis state.
I am sure he'd rise and take his place.

Darkness RHYMES 2

It’s evident that earth is in trouble.
But my team will combat the struggles.

With a strategy that’s on demand.
So we will do all that we can.

To honor and protect this place.
Since our planet’s been disgraced.

My team and I haven’t found it.
But we are all looking for at.

Wait, news just got to me.
That the bridge is where wouldn’t think.

It’s a bridge that is out of space.
So me and my team will take.

Take a trip to the bridge.
In an attempt to end.

To end the plan that he has.
But I know he’d have another plan.

One should stand and earth will live.
& his plan, we’ll put to an end.

Darkness RHYMES 3

The government already knows us.
But they all agreed to keep us.

Keep us all in hiding.
Until some bad guys had us fighting.

Fighting in the public.
There were humans that noticed.

Noticed that we are here.
So we chose to keep them near.

Near for their protection.
Megatron’s on a mission.

So they all came to our home.
They were never left alone.

Megatron’s plan was clearer.
He used the energon found here.

To revive our home cybertron.
It was clear, as time moved on.

We had no clue how he’d do it.
But the energon played a part within it.


Darkness RHYMES 4

Me and my old friend.
Witnessed Megatron’s plan.

When he used dark energon.
To resurrect what was dead and gone.

He and I both battled.
Those he revived were special.

Special in Megatron’s story.
He told us to start preparing.

For the main event was rising.
A bigger army was coming.

We didn’t know how it will happen.
Until an equation revealed it.

Megatron build a space bridge.
That aimed right at our planet.

Darkness RHYMES 5

Megatron arrived in his ship.
We surprised him with a gift.

But he knew we will arrive.
Turns out, he wasn’t surprised.

I fought him face to face.
While the resurrection took place.

But my team used our battle.
As a diversion to stop the trouble.

His purpose to be fulfilled.
It was worse seeing that he’s killed.

Me and my team destroy the bridge.
The people of earth safely live.

That blast that we caused.
Seemed to make him have a mighty fall.

His many servants were sad.
Because he couldn’t get away from the blast.

He tried but his ship was gone.
His assistant chose to move on.



Rebirth our own planet.
For earth was already perfect.

The humans had their problems.
But I still wanted to protect them.

So my team of soldiers.
Came to earth to combat the dangers.

Those coordinates were on glasses.
A known evil imprinted it.

That evil’s known as Megatron.
The leader of the deceptions.

So once my soldier called me.
Me and my team were ready.

I’m the leader of the autobots.
We all came just to stop.

Stop Megatron from using it.
That source, he knew it’s location.

That source is best called the cube.
We found it and stopped the doom.

But the fact still remains.
The earth will see more pain.

Megatron is here to stay.
Because the source hasn’t gone away.

That source has just broken up.
So things will be pretty tough.

© 2021 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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