Transformers RHYMES (Season 1)

Updated on January 29, 2018

Megatron returns

It's robots in disguise.
RC and a loyal soldier.
Hunt for energon around the globe.
But CLIFFHANGER gets a signal.
He chooses to follow the signal.
RC wants to help.
But he said he'd do it himself.
But soon realizes he needs it.
RC already knew it.
She informed OPTIMUS.
Their leader than rounded.
He rounded up the team.
They ended up going.
Going to the location.
But Cliffjumper was taken.
But he's not really dead.
The Autobots are misled.
They lament his death.
RC just keeps herself.
Keeps herself distant.
Keeping her mind off of it.
She sees JACK.
Then reveal that.
She talks a lot.
She is really a robot.
Then he meets BUMBLEBEE.
He and RALPH are witnessing.
Witnessing an epic battle.
They hide during the battle.
Then BULKHEAD shows up.
Bringing the battle to a stop.
The robots make them friends.
Just to keep them protected.
They meet the entire team.
Prime tells them what they're doing.
They're protecting the earth.
Hoping that the curse.
Of MEGATRON is over.
But it's proven to not be over.
MEGATRON returns

Not A Waste

He goes to his ship and earns.
Earns his spot as commander.
He seeks to gather his soldiers.
STARSCREAM shows him.
That he there is a prize for him.
Showing him Cliffjumper.
While the Autobots figure.
Figure out what to do.
Humans may know the truth.
They are still under the radar.
But their existence isn't far.
Megatron experiment.
Showing Starscream his purpose.
Creating a mindless beast.
That he's still figuring.
Figuring out how to control.
While the Autobots hold.
Hold those in a mine.
On a mission to find.
To find Cliffjumper.
They find Cliffjumper.
Megatron finds out.
That Autobots figured out.
Then it's far too late.
Cliffjumpers in bad shape.
Realizing it was a mistake.
A mistake but it wasn't a waste

Never-ending Story

Megatron gains dark power.
Planning to raise those devowered
Starscream doesn't like it.
& he wants ways to stop it.
Meanwhile, Prime and RATCHETTE.
Go on a mission to stop it.
Leaving RC to have power.
But she leaves Bulkhead in power.
Agent Fowler finds out.
That the bots are hiding out.
Hiding out civilians.
Megatron gains dark power.
Planning to raise those devoured
Starscream doesn't like it.
& he wants ways to stop it.
Meanwhile, Prime and RATCHET.
Go on a mission to stop it.
Leaving RC to have power.
But she leaves Bulkhead in power.
Agent Fowler finds out.
That the bots are hiding out.
Hiding out civilians.
He goes away threatening.
Threatening to reveal it.
He's kidnapped and taken.
Taken on the ship.
Then he's interrogated.
Bulkhead's then triggered.
He leaves Jack in power.
He goes to free him.
MIKO has hidden and followed him.
Meanwhile, Prime and ratchet.
Witness the resurrection.
The resurrection of his army.
Seems to be a never-ending story.

Not tough Enough

He finds MIKO has joined him.
He calls RC to help him.
Then sees all three kids.
Bulkhead is not really thrilled.
He's on an important mission.
He just keeps them protected.
He invades the ship.
Later, RC helps him.
They intend to save them all.
Bringing fowler back to base.
They hope to do it before it's too late.
Meanwhile, Prime and Rachette.
Are busy dissecting.
Dissecting the army.
While the bots are bringing.
Bringing fowler home.
But the ending is really unknown.
Megatron raises his army.
But Prime destroys his army.
The battle is tough.
But it's not tough enough.

Nothing is Rising

They find what Megatron's building.
A bridge for his army.
Not just a normal bridge.
He was building a space bridge.
The Autobots find it's location.
The Autobots travel there to stop it.
Megatron is there waiting.
But there's an issue with their navigating.
So Megatron sends his troops.
To stop what they're trying to do.
They lock on Cybertron.
Prime gets into a battle with Megatron.
But Prime is really keeping.
Megatron from knowing.
Knowing what's really happening.
The Autobots end up destroying.

Looks can be decieving

Megatron is presumed dead.
Starscream becomes head.
Head of the deceptions.
He's eager to move on.
This is what he waited for.
He couldn't ask for anything more.
Prime thinks it's his fault.
But is reminded that it's not his fault.
The Autobots are on base.
While deceptions try to trace.
Try to trace fallen soldiers.
They find one of the soldiers.
SKYQUAKE who has a twin.
Who makes it clear that he only lives.
Lives to serve Megatron.
But he's told that he is gone.
But his signals detected.
Amongst the wreckage.
The wreckage out of space.
Starcreams keeps him dead to stay in place.
Stay in the place of the top.
While they bring skyquake to stop.


Bulkhead and Bumblebee.
Are in the field searching.
Searching for a relic.
They find one very interesting.
They go back to base.
Prime goes back to the place.
To the place, it was found.
To get an explanation.
To know what they are facing.
He takes RC to find out.
Leaving the others to stick around.
Helping Rachette with the ground bridge.
Finding a way to fix it.
Meanwhile, Ralph finds a puppy.
A despicable but cute puppy.
The bots know about it.
Ralph doesn't know its dangerous.
Its called a SCRAPLET.
Little but they cause damage.
Ralph sees what it can do.
So he kills it. Thinking it through.
But racthette explains it.
There is not just one scraplet.
The scraplets have eaten.
Their forms of communication.
The Autobots can't reach.
Prime nor RC.
They find more as promised.
Scraplets see the machines and try it.
The Autobots are in a frenzy.
Trying to break free.
Break free of the scraplets.
They an idea from Rachette.
They fix the ground bridge.
They send them to the Arctic.

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