Hawaii 5-RHYMES (Season 1)

Updated on January 30, 2018

No more Running

Is going to a prison.
Transporting a prisoner.
But gets a call from his brother.
Who's holding his father hostage?
He'd release him from being hostage.
If his brother's release.
But his dad tells him to keep.
Keep his brother in custody.
Steve ends up killing.
Killing the guy's brother.
His father is then murdered.
He goes back to Hawaii.
Going there just to bury.
To bury his father.
But he's also offered.
Offered to catch the killer.
He declines the offer.
But an old friend convinces.
Him to do it.
While trying to find evidence.
On his father's murder.
They team up together.
At first, Danny tries refusing.
But still ends up doing.
The duo finds clues.
While finding more to join the crew.
He recruits more, forming a team.
They stop a terroist from running.


An expert for cyber-terrorism.
Is ambushed and taken.
The team still searches.
For the body of the terrorist.
But find out about this case.
They then go to the place.
To the place of the scene.
Finding the phone he was using. He left the phone behind..
With his son calling to try.
Trying to reach his dad.
He didn't know that.
His dad was kidnapped.
The team searches for ways to track.
Meanwhile, they find.
That a hotel holds a surprise.
That suspects on the roof.
He reveals the truth.
It's not too long after they find.
The Kidnapper and expert alive.
They kill most involved.
They get the crime resolved.

Family Matters

In Hawaii, there's more than beaches.
It's a place of sports legends.
They attend a football game.
But things suddenly change.
When someone pulls out.
A gun. Sparking a shootout.
The team has reacted.
But this can just maybe different.
While investigating those killed.
They find some facts sealed.
But they see there are gangs.
They find a player in a gang.
They confront the player.
After they discover.
That the player is armed.
They take him away from harm.
Before getting information.
They later obtain more evidence.
But also find that it's no coincidence.
That evidence got away.
They are no longer astray.
They go to a pizza place.
Just to interrogate.
Interrogating the owner.
He reveals who's running it. Revealing who's in control.
They invade his casino.
Resolving what seemed impossible.

Not cashing in

A prison inmate.
Decides to infiltrate.
To infiltrate a guard.
Just to get what he wants.
Getting out of the prison.
The police don't know it.
By the time the truth's found out.
That inmate's already out.
The team gets the call.
Finding out what started it all.
Seeing some surveillance.
Finding the guard was in on it.
They confront the guard.
Then go to the prison yard.
It seems like they made a mistake.
But they get another inmate.
Another inmate to talk.
Telling them how he walked.
He infiltrated a cop.
The uniform he took off.
He's changed his image.
But the team's on top of it.
Aware of his next move.
They stop what he's trying to do.

The Ambassador

On the beaches of Hawaii.
There's always a party.
It's always something to do.
There are even tours of the zoo.
A family tours the seas.
And her son sees.
A mermaid and tells his mother.
But its a body in the water.
McGarrett and Danny. .
Examine the body.
They find that someone's missing.
It's the sister of the victim.
Steve becomes skeptical.
That the killer's someone they know.
They find that the girl was loved.
But also find that she was drugged.
They get further in the investigation.
They look at some surveillance.
Of the girl at the club.
Trying to figure who really drugged.
Tracking down the one behind it.
They find a few surprises.
That killer they were searching for.
Has the one alive and stored?
Stored for what they think is money.
The father offers the money.
In exchange for his daughter.
But they want him, THE AMBASSADOR.

Better Streets

Another day in Hawaii.
When the people are surfing.
The day's very beautiful.
It's also unforgettable.
There is a tragedy.
One of the guys surfing.
Has been shot while on his board.
Dying right there on his board.
The team obtains his ID.
But one member takes it personally.
That guy was a father figure.
He was also an entrepreneur.
Immediately, the team gets.
That there's a hidden purpose.
Out to find the killer.
Getting their evidence together.
They track him down.
Making it safe to walk around.

To Protect
The Seige
Tidal Love
Desperate Measures, The Beginning, An Innocent Man, The Long Goodbye, Heroes and Villians, Revenge, Close to heart, Until the End, Trust

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