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Transformers RHYMES

I am an experienced poet. I know all formats but love writing Rhyme Poetry

RHYMES of Cybertron

Hi, I’m Cybertron.

I’m dead but, my spirit lives on.

I started out peaceful and just.

But my citizens made a big fuss.

The Decepticons and their followers.

Constantly put danger.

Danger in my body.

But the primes kept protecting me.

Before they passed away.

One was chosen to lead the way.

The great Optimus prime.

Who once fought on the side.

On the side of the leader.

Of the treacherous and evil.

The evil Decepticons.

They called him lord Megatron.

The primes noticed them both.

But Optimus they held close.

Megatron was easily swayed.

Eventually, he walked away.

Walked away and did evil.

Megatron embraced the trouble.



Earth, birthplace of humans.

Both titans know what they're holding.

They hold what's known as the cube.

That cube will consume.

Consume the planet earth.

One has no intentions to hurt.

Loyal helpers are in place.

I know he's finding a base.

For his autobot friends.

Under his leaders demands.

The vibrant optimum prime.

At home, we fought side by side.

Now, our home is destroyed.

Earth, will fill what's void.

The cube holds the power.

That will restore fallen soldiers.

But the humans will be murdered.

Im willing to take that danger.

Dangers from our planet.

A teens grandfather has found it.

Like me, my soldier knew it.

Protecting that teen was his purpose.

Bumblebee first found the teen.

Then he sent a signal to the team.

Megatron and his decepticons.

Were at large before I came along.

Our home looked to be revived.
But that changed when I arrived.

We destroyed the cube on earth.

But we didn’t destroy the curse.



I remember when my brothers.

Fought me & recovered.

Recovered the matrix of leadership.

Then jailed me and hid it.

Megatron, my loyal soldier.

Came and said he's a failure.

But After he admitted it.

I saw that he needed.

Needed to be reminded.

That the cube transferred information.

To the human named Sam Witwicky.

Whom optimus is protecting.

So, my loyal soldier offered.

To kill the prime that covers.

Covers the human child.

He succeeds, but the child found.

Found what’ll resurrect him.

I rose far before him.

Until the child found the location.

He revived the protector Optimus.

I had fallen again.

But my soldier, had a bigger plan.


Sentinel RHYMES

I remember our home raging.

I left with the technology.

That will save our home planet.

I fled, but I crash landed.

On the dark side of the moon.

My home planet was consumed.

I already knew it'll be.

So I created with the enemy.

A decision to start a new.

But first, I needed Optimus to do.

To use his matrix.

To raise me from darkness.

Megatron took my tools.

He just needed me to do.

The plan that we all intended.

He had a more sinister mission.

I was revived with his matrix.

Just the way we both planned it.

I knew he was in place.

He protects the human race.

It all looked to be finished.

Until Optimus came and ended it.


Lockdown RHYMES

Our Planets Extinction.

Has brought this earth changes.

That teen has resigned from duties.

But a new war is brewing.

I was called to stop it.

By hunting down who caused it.

Megaton seems to be gone.

But I know Optimus lives on.

I’m lockdown. The bounty hunter.

I was in space until a creature.

Called me to do the job.

But it was no easy job.

Optimus was in hiding.

& I was chosen to help finding.

To find and eradicate him.

Many tried but failed to do it.

Optimus will come out of hiding.

So, they will be trying.

Just like I knew it, he came out.

But I didn't take him out.

I thought they wouldn't stop me.

But like the others, he destroyed me.


Quentessa RHYMES

Lockdown has failed me.

I wanted him to bring me.

To bring me Optimus head.

But heartache, he gave me instead.

So I do it on my own.

I, Tessa, will bring him home.

Along with a staff I need.

But I have none to retrieve.

Plus a last night threatens me.

One that’s very unlike me.

I feel her presence sometimes.

A presence that’s grown over time.

Optimus seemed to surrender.

Because he wanted to recapture.

What planet Cybertron had lost.

I showed him who’s the boss.

I brainwashed him to find.

The staff that is sure to revive.

To revive our own planet.

Sadly, it didn’t happen.

I survived to see the failure.

But in the midst, I saw something bigger.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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