Training Rhymes

Updated on November 15, 2017

Training Day

JACK HOYT wakes up early.
Getting closer to be what he's been dreaming.
Dreaming about for years.
To take drugs from streets and protect the kids.
He goes and meets the lead.
ALONZO HARRIS will be training.
But he's known to be a crooked cop.
By several other narcotics cops.
They begin their day catching college kids.
In the neighborhood buying cannabis.
They stop the kids and confiscate the drugs.
Harris gets upset because Hoyt doesn't smoke it up.
Hoyt then smokes it to make him happy.
Finding out it is PCP.
Hoyt gets very suspicious.
But notices a pair of drug addicts.
Tries raping young girls in an alley.
Hoyt intervenes while Harris is watching.
Seeing that Hoyt is skilled.
It is giving him chills.
Harris then comes and chases them off.
Hoyt gets her wallet and they take off.
Hoping they take it to the girl.
Instead, they end a dealers world.
They apprehend him.
Finding drugs and guns on him.
But releases him instead of taking him in.
Knowing that dealer is cousins.
Cousins with another big-time dealer.
On the streets and in jail he is a winner.
They go to his home with his family.
Harris starts ripping.
Ripping the room apart.
Searching for money from the start.
Getting in with a fake warrant.
While the aunt starts asking questions.
Harris takes the cash that's stashed.
While the thugs on the streets get mad.
They realize he's a crooked cop.
They start shooting non-stop.
They then go by where he lives.
Hoyt realizes who he really is.
They meet three more crooked cops.
That warns Harris to stop.
Stop and skip town.
But Harris chooses to stick around.
They add 4 corrupt cops.
& seize $4million from an ex-cop.
That Harris just saw earlier.
Harris the ends it with a murder.
Hoyt has had enough.
He knows that all day he was set up.
Now Hoyt is very angry.
They go to the home of Smiley.
Harris pays him with hopes of him killing.
Killing Hoyt dead.
But he lets him go instead.
Hoyt attempts to arrest Harris.
but he fails to get to Harris.
Harris tries to skip town.
But a gang of guys shoots him down.

Denzel Washington
Alonzo Harris
Ethan Hawk
Jack Hoyt

Antoine Fuqua


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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