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Trading Minutes for Miles

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Sean has written professionally for 7 years, but writes poetry strictly for hobby and for mental release.


What this is about

A lot of my writing lately is going to be about grief. It's how I'm handling the loss of my mother. I write to heal, to express, and to pass on those emotions.

I hope the writing can be identifiable to anyone that might be feeling something similar. The style will change as I like to place my own twist on my writing.

Trading Minutes for Miles

Trading minutes for miles

These breaths misleading

Inside a collapsed vision

Left broken, and pleading

Tracing tears to their home

Yet, these eyes are empty

Linked to a heart, abandoned

Hanging by a twisted thread

The curvature of a smile

Like fragments to a time

It’s like walking in place

Senses shattered and blind

On my knees, a prayer

To a stagnant breeze

Poison latches to my veins

Til’ pain is all I see

Every step is empty

A painting of despair

A tunnel of forever

Wearing a distant stare

When looking ahead is too much

And too lost in the moment to survive

© 2020 Sean

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