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Tracks of Days Gone By


Follow the tracks,

those footprints in the dirt,

all etched so plain.

Live the same old life

that was once had,

mistakes all over again.

Traveling that road,

the one so askew,

crooked along its way.

Be as those foolish,

to relive once more,

wrong are all who stay.

This so dusty trek is full,

its filth always to remain,

forever and a day.

No matter how many

the steps are so taken,

skies are always grey.

Never will it improve,

as those same old mistakes,

each one is to be made.

An identical trail laid long ago,

forever there remains,

and does not fade.

Unless new footprints,

as each one greets the soil,

shall a new road be hewn.

Correcting those old wrongs,

as new pathways are formed,

an escape to all those strewn.


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