Markings at the Borders

Updated on May 9, 2018

I neglect the marks of my heart,
I do not feel peace in my thoughts,
I feel you inside my memories,
I will be a strange species in the world,
For loving wrong people.

While your directions point to other routes,
My compass keeps pointing to the north of his heart,
If I'm just feeling the beats so close,
I can bear that all this is blown away by the wind,
I would like to go back so far back in time to forget.

I am corrupted with the pain of my thoughts,
I fall apart because of things that have already happened,
I'm still looking for solutions for the past,
Maybe I was the winner of the indolence,
I breathe inside in walking like a lover.

I neglect the time between the future,
I feel that I must wake up from this dream,
I have nightmares that invade my feelings,
I would like to understand one more time,
Because my decisions keep destroying,
I have no arguments to escape.

I would like to understand,
If there was someone who loved me,
Maybe I looked towards other horizons,
Losing all opportunities.

© 2018 Daniel Carrera


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