Toy Rhymes

Updated on October 18, 2017

Toy Story

The Old House

In a world where toys are living things.
But hide it when in the presence of human beings.
A group of toys owned by ANDY DAVIS.
Know his birthdays next week and plan for it.
Andy, his mom and his sister Molly.
Plan to move the week that's following.
So Andy's favorite Toy.
Organizes a meeting with the other toys.
WOODY, an old-fashion cowboy doll.
Has a plan that will keep them all.
Keep them all together. They will all be in place.
but first, they had to see if any toy is replaced.
They were relieved when the party came.
Because they saw that nothing really changed.
But saw Andy receive a surprise gift.
That surprise became Andy's favorite gift.
An electronic space ranger for every growing boy.
It can replace Woody as the favorite toy.
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR immediately stands out.
Making Andy's favorite woody feel left out.
He takes the toy wherever he goes.
So Woody knocks him out the window.
That gesture makes them turn against woody.
Accusing him of murdering.
Murdering Buzz because of Jealousy.
Wanting more attention from Andy.
Woody goes on a trip with the family.
Goes to eat because they are hungry.
While on the way they stop for gas.
Woody finds that Buzz is alive at last.
Woody and Buzz engage in a fight.
While the family goes off in the night.
The family goes to a restaurant.
Woody and Buzz take a delivery truck.
Buzz still thinks he's not a toy.
but he's just a gift for a growing boy.
He and woody get caught in a crane game.
SID PHILLIPS is playing the game.
He sees them and picks them.
& takes them home to play with them.
Before sid attempts, Woody tries to escape.
While Buzz is in a despondent state.
Despondent because he finds he's a toy.
Woody reminds him that he can bring Joy.
He can bring Joy to Andy.
Meanwhile, Sid is planning.
Planning to Launch Buzz in a rocket.
Woody makes sure he stops it.
Woody and Buzz leave SID's house.
While the truck is moving out.

Tom Hanks
Tim Allen
Erik Von Detton

Toy Story 2

Round-Up Gang

Woody prepares for cowboy camp with Andy.
but while doing so, his arm is ripped accidentally.
Andy's mom puts him on the shelf.
Leaves him and Andy goes by himself.
On the Shelf woody sees.
A greedy Toy Collector that feeds.
AL MCWHIGGIN feeds off toys that need.
He fixes them up and puts them in his yard.
Makes them apart of his Toy Barn.
While there, Woody learns much other stuff.
He's based off an old show called Woody's roundup.
Where he met Jessie and his horse Bullseye.
He's set to be sold to another guy.
Another Guy in Tokyo Japan.
While the others are excited about going.
Woody wants to get home back to Andy.
JESSE is upset because of Woody's decision.
Because she knows that they want a collection.
Without Woody, they'd return to storage.
Before Woody leaves he is given a warning.
Given a warning by STINKY PETE.
Telling him about Emily.
Emily once owned Jesse.
Emily grew up and gave Jesse.
Pete informs Andy of her fate.
Telling him that the same awaits.
The same awaits him if he goes back.
Woody decides to stay because of that.
Meanwhile, Buzz is trying to save him.
They reach the Toy Barn and search for him.
A new Buzz confronts the old one.
Imprisons him then has fun.
Has fun while pursuing woody.
They find him and while the real buzz is coming.
Andy's buzz gets there and rejoins the clan.
Attempts to take woody but woody stands.
Stands and denies to leave.
Listening to Pete's advance made it easy.
Buzz then reminds him of his purpose.
In a museum, he will never experience.
He won't be played with. He will be forsaken.
Then the TV reveals what Al really wanted.
Woody sees that and changes his decision.
Al wanted to sell the collection.
Woody gives the roundup gang a suggestion.
To come with them home to Andy.
but Stinky Pete stopped them from leaving.
Al then returns with a suitcase.
Packs them in it and is on their way.
On their way to the airport.
But the Andys toys abort.
They fought not to make that change.
and even added more to the gang.

Tom Hanks
Tim Allen
Joan Cusak
Wayne Night
Kelsey Grammer
Stinky Pete

Toy Story 3

The Darkside of Sunnyside

Andy is all grown up.
He's moving on and it will be tough.
Tough for all the gang.
Feeling he would throw them away.
He agrees to take on woody.
But leaves behind the party.
Just like they thought he did it.
So they found a new location.
Woody tried convincing them.
That andy was putting them.
In the attic for storage.
But the gang just ignored it.
He chased them to Sunnyside.
Came after the tour inside.
By Lotso huggin' bear.
Woody did not like it there.
The gang, quickly adjusted.
But once played with they hated.
So buzz went to lotso.
Asking that he let them go.
Meanwhile, woody was having tea.
But obviously wanted to be.
Wanted to be with andy while he was near
But heard about Lotso and started to fear.
Feared that his friends are in trouble.
So goes to rescue them from Lotso.
Before getting in, he figures out.
That the trash is the only way out.
So the gang develops a plan.
Buzz and Woody execute the plan.
They battle but get to the dumpster.
They get out of Sunnyside together.

Tom Hanks
Tim Allen
Joan Cusak
Ned Beatty

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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