Towards Success

Updated on November 30, 2017
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A teenager yet an explorer.. an undergraduate yet trying to be a better person.. struggling through the fears to grow stronger!!

The few good days

The memorable nights

The happiest smiles

Were all in a line

Everyone cheered

Staring at your fears

For only you know the days and nights

That you kept on trying

The people that hanged around

Strangers that fell in love

The friendships that had to break down

Made you believe you are stronger alone

Every moment that’s lived

Is a memory that’s felt

The tears, the pain

The reality built

The best days flew away

Storms blew along the days

Strongly fell down on your knees

Flew up higher above the tall trees

For all those people that stood by you

For all the troubles that you’ve been through

For everything that pulled you down to the floor

Though it all made you grow to glow..

The hardest days you’ve survived

The best days that’s yet to arrive

The saddest days you’ve struggled to smile

The happiest days you’ll never have to cry

Jump over the hurdles

Run towards the challenges

Take all the risks

Never lose the chances…

© 2017 sammani himasha


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