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Toward Destruction

Hi! guys I am sahil chishti. I am a creative writer and a poet. I like to write novels stories scripts and many more.

This poem is a satire on wide spread destruction all over the world because of which a lot of people have lost their dear one. Some childrens lost their parents and they are just looking at this terrible scenario being afraid. They are searching for their friends with whom they use to play in streets. But unfortunately nothing is left. The anger and destructive attitude of some people have made all the world a worst place to live in. But the girl is a symbol of optimism. Her eyes are waiting for the day when all this destruction will come to an end. Finally, she will be able to play with her friends happily.

A lad in such a bad

Staring at the sky

Because she can not deny

The scenes watched her eye

Searching for her father

Worried about her mother

Looking for her friends

Afraid of new trends

Buildings very high

Are going to die

No sun on the sky

No birds to fly

Here spreads

Over the heads

A gloomy sky

Full of cry

Tears on her cheek

Sadness on its peek

Hoping for construction

Of a world of destruction ....

© 2018 Sahil chishti

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