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Tough Love


Tough love

Scurried away they did at the sight of her.
Not her, at least not how they know her.
She was as they say a gentle soul never could hurt a fly, never could raise a hand against anything.
But now the very sight of her screams violence and anger, what happened?

She had love before,
At least that was what it seem to be.
They were many lovers they came in droves and begged to stay, everyone of them professed to be the “one”.
Everyone of them was “true”,
But then they never stayed long.

They stared with pity, anger, scorn some with even malice at what has been left of her.
She acted strong but they smelled fear,
She stood firm but they saw the tremor in her arms,
She stared squarely in their eyes and never blinked but they saw dark shadows of doubt, just at the edges of her eyes.

She was strong, she knew it!
She can stare all of them down and not bat an eye,
Never mind the tremor in her arms, it will pass.
Never mind the tears of doubt threatening to spill out, it will pass.
Her feet are planted firmly and never you mind the pain she feels in them, they will also pass soon.

They soon began to leave
One after the other.

She watched them leave
One after the other.

Family who claimed to know what was best.
Neighbors who always had opinions.
Friends who demanded unadulterated trust.
Society with it norms.
Religion with it self righteousness.
But life was polite,
Life asked if it could stay.

That was when she pulled out the gun.

© 2022 Akosua Ago Mansa