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Touch Up

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If Life Just That Easy

If we didn't like something

We could just change it

No harm

No problem

If Life Was Just That Easy

Instead, it always seems a little more difficult than that

You never know unless you try

I picked up a paintbrush and have a white poster board in front of me

As my day goes on

When I have an issue I will save it for later

Then I can paint it on the board

Fix it the way I want it to be

Use all kinds of colors to bring it to life

Finish it with a few good strokes

I made a rough day a little better

Even if it was only on paper

We all have to start somewhere

Maybe the paper can turn into instant reality

Stranger things have happened in life

I can say one thing is true

The problem seems to get smaller even if it didn't completely go away

It is a good start

Progress in the right direction

Have a good day

Even you are having a tough time

Learn as I did

How to paint your troubles away

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