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Torn Love


Torn Love

Am in a breach, painted and tinted by the pinches of love,

In a puzzle, think in realms of fantasy because reality has lost its meaning,
I crave for the past as I peruse our book of love,
The book whose pages are now torn, writings have fainted and words appear in black and white,
Black and white implying its past and gone,
My eyes faints in total darkness twined in blindness,
My heart thumps faster, my soul in a disbelief,
I feel squeezed to the core of the earth or else deported to mercury if not mars,
Melting under high temperatures, my tissues torn,
I feel tossed under pressure and compressed, merely strained,
Stripes of thy love has stripped me naked,
As I walk in streets, feelings can't hide, all exposed,
I walk hurt, a few understands me, am like an art,

© 2019 Stephen Mwangangi

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