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Topsy -Turvey

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When Things Go Awry

We can plan all we want

We can do the right thing

There will be days

That we will never be able to figure out

We have to ride the storm

Chin up and stay confident

We will make it through this sudden change

One that we are not use to but are prepared for

Years of following the right steps

Keep us on the straight and narrow

We take pride in all our work

We have a good plan

It is not fool proof

It is still the best we have seen yet

We take what crazy things happen

Spin them in such a direction

That we can find some good

It is not easy

Actually, it is really hard

I don't like being here

I have no choice

So I will do everything in my power

To change my situation

Right now I am in the thick of it

So I don't see any light

I think in my mind

In the past where I have seen the bright shining sun

The wonderful breeze blowing

The good days are here to come



Maybe we have to still wait a little longer

There will be a time

Where these sad feelings will be behind me

Until then

Hold on tight

To those great thoughts and powerful ideas

They are inspirations that will carry you through

Reinforce the good

Let the bad just slip away

There is no reason for it to stay

It can have a heck of a lot more fun

Somewhere else and far from here

So who doesn't stay where they are not wanted?

Nobody or nothing I know

So give it some time

We will be singing and feeling joy

It may start small and have to work its way through

There is no hurry

I will be waiting for you

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