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Too Late For Love - a Lost Love Poem

John is a contemporary poet who uses the rhyming styles of the classics to discuss current issues.


Too Late For Love

I knew you from our childhood,

You were the girl next door.

We’d play together every day,

I never knew the word “adore.”

When we were teens together

And hormones began to race,

This pimply boy desired you

But was embarrassed by his face.

Soon college graduation came,

My heart it swelled with pride

To see the smile upon your face.

I thought, one day you’d be my bride.

Careers beckoned both of us,

We had to move apart.

Friends and lovers came and went,

But you stayed strong in my heart.

Now we’re nearing thirty,

I can’t wait a moment more.

I ask you out to dinner

At a restaurant called “L’amour.”

The evening is romantic,

Our conversation flows.

I’m about to tell you how I feel,

Anticipation grows.

"I need to tell you something,”

Is what I start to say,

But you say, “First, I’ve got some news!”

My world just crashed that day.

“I’ve just become engaged,” you smile,

Showing me your hand.

I never saw the ring before,

My head was in the sand.

I should have told you how I felt,

I’d waited far too long.

I thought you’d always be there,

But I was very wrong.

I smiled and wished you all the best

As we hugged and said goodbye.

I’d wait until I was alone

And then my tears would fly.

Now you would wed another,

There was nothing I could do.

The love I’d stored within my heart,

I could never give to you.


© 2018 John Hansen

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