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Too Free For Loneliness

He chose who he was instead of her
And then he watched her go
He was stronger than loneliness
Though he felt it as much as anyone

He didn't know he had to prove it
But that is not why he is alone
Nothing happens without cost
He was naive enough to think it didn't

He meant her no dishonor
He knew himself better too well
He also knew she could find love
Her fatalistic heart told him so

So freedom was his choice
What back alley life must he live
Can two live as one plus one
No he thought, it would only be one

A vision of failure
He wasn't selfish, he set her free
It would only be a trap if he fell in love
He would be too weak to tell the truth

She meant everything to him
The statue became his own man
She taught him to stand up for himself
The cost was to never see her again

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