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Too Early for Pleasantries

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Often pondered what it would be like to run into them

Scared and upset at the beginning of how it would be

Had a few nightmares of making same mistakes

Reality a lot different than imagined this time

Surprised that it happened, but not terrified anymore

Accepted the internal challenge to put the right ending on it

Decided to go the mature adult route for a change

By dealing with private problems head on

Felt an initial amount of peace for settling things

Not sure what is going on with situation at present

Thought it was dealt with in a polite way

Said what was needed to be said and made a graceful exit

Thought kudos should be given only to find a wrench in the plan

Almost seemed like the other person playing a game

Trying to worm their way back inside the private sanctum

Asking brief but rather inane questions through text messages

Peaceful settlement disappearing rather rapidly

Transformed into annoyed skepticism at situation

Might be reading into this due to past experience

Emotions shaded by unresolved anger and sadness

Have come a long way from 18 months ago

Needed to get through that final hurdle to finish this

Advised by closest consiglieres to nip this in the bud

Opinions colored with warnings of repeating the past

Won't be doing that in the slightest repeated again and again

Determined what needs were and how they would be met

That picture did not include a trip into failed yesterdays

Made that abundantly clear to everyone involved

Not sure if it was heard or not; felt better nonetheless

Taking a step back inside the remaining internal thunderstorm

Assessing what's going on privately before publishing the report

Decided to focus on the desires of one person and one person only

No longer desperate to please anybody

Tried doing that one too many times and didn't like the results

Hopefully, this new route will help and not hinder future plans

Fingers crossed.

A peaceful conclusion or something else? Hard to say for now.

A peaceful conclusion or something else? Hard to say for now.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on April 01, 2021:

Fingers crossed.

I wish you the best.

One really never knows how these things will turn out...despite all the planning in our heads.

Sounds like it went good so far...Kudos.

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