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Too Busy To Even Think

It's Not Only Possible

It happens to me all the time

When you have a full plate

You finish one project and on to the next

Work demands are at an all-time high

You know that work is your lively hood

So you do what you do best

Work sometimes hard and long hours

Schedules we don't like

Not all days are pretty as a picture

They take their toll

You try to get a little extra sleep

So you can still give your top quality

No sloppy or shoddy work for you

Will ever do

Other people may slack off and cut corners

You have learned long ago

There is only one way to do things

That is the right way

The first time around

So when you find the time

You sum up a little glimpse of what is left

The days all blended with the nights

You come and go

A silent body that moves through every necessary motion

That turns into a dark shadow by evening

Hours pass

Not so fast

How could we of made them last?

Is there a secret we didn't know?

We take the good with the bad

We balance off each day

As if we were a boy in a sandbox

Playing with the sand

Filling up sand in our little red bucket

Stuffing it in so tight

Until we can't fit any more

Then we walk it over to a very special spot

Pouring it out

Even though we are only six years of age

We are well beyond our years

Then we do the process over and over again

What we have is not just a pile of sand

But hours of play

We get more excited by the moment

We put in our sweat and labor

To make something

Not completed yet

It is going to be a castle

The greatest castle you have ever seen

It is going to have a large moat around it

Up here on the highest point

We can see in all directions

A bold front gate that is in front of the draw bridge

Huge walls that lead high into the sky

The perfect spot

Then a day of heavy rain

All our sand gets compacted and hard

The pile seems to have disappeared

Now when the wind blows

You see a lump where the pile once stood

The weather turned cold

Time passes and we get old

What once was going to be

Could never happen

It was a dream that never broke through the ice

It never made it to reality

Sad as it may be

It makes way for other dreams

That one day may shine in our darkest moments

Over the years they will not only stand tall and survive

They are a real monument of time