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Tongues as Thick as Blood

Everybody is living their life,
looking for someone or something
Is it cleaning your soul preparing for God
or one final sin before being born again?

Was there anything you left behind
that you expected to find inside of me?
Breathe back in, take it from the air
It’s not a wheel turning, it’s fire’s burning
The grass will turn green again if you plant it
That’s how we will know if you really care

Is there ever any bleeding
that never leaves a scar?
Is it on the inside,
where memories never stray far?
What is it hidden in your hand?
Can your heart fix a broken man?

I never meant my life to be this way
But you gave it back to me
So now everyone is even like before,
our blood speaking in thick tongues
Only the lonely know what it means
But we aren’t lonely anymore