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Tomorrow Promise

Poetry is something that I loved to write for as long as I can remember, it is a way that I express my thoughts and feeling to the world.


Smile For The World

Smile and the world smiles with you
hold fast to the dreams that make you whole
live the life that you want live and be free
don't forget to love yourself and make the most
a smile can go a long way bring a whole lot
it can tell a story or show an entire scene
no matter what goes on and how you feel
keep smiling and marching in the direction of happiness.

Rise to the Occasion

Nothing is ever promised and nothing is given
hard work and dedication are keys to success
broken dreams can change your whole world
and yet here you are still working still standing

rise to the occasion

people come and go, taking what you have to give
Build your self back up and take what is yours
shallow hearts can show you the lies you need
and yet you are still trying climb out of the dark

rise to the occasion

No Holding Back

No holding back on what you want the most
no holding back on all the dreams you lost
no holding back on what right and true
no holding back on all that's close to you

No holding back on time that seem to always slip away
no holding back on people who never want to stay
no holding back on all the things that could have been
no holding back on who, what, why, how, and when

I Am

I am who no one thinks about when the times get rough
I am who people run to when they have had enough
I am the only option in a lot of hard and painful decisions
I am the one that strikes you down with very good percision

I am, I am, I am

I am the words that are always left unspoken
I am the promise that is always being broken
I am that door that no one wants to walk through
I am that place no one wants to be sent to

I am, I am, I am

I am the water you choose to bathe your light in
I am the road where everything leads, ends and begins
I am that phone call no one wants to get or make
I am that dream that turned nightmare that keeps you awake

I am, I am, I am

I am the light that shines down when you need it most
I am the picture you feel that you just need to post
I am that text from the one that you really want to see
I am that caged animal that's on t.v. that you really want to free

I am, I am, I am

I am the way out when all hope seems to be lost
I am the price you have to pay because fame always cost
I am that rainbow in the sky after a really nasty storm
I am that fire inside that is always there to keep you warm

I am, I am, I am


The Breakdown

Break down the truth to expose all the lies
give up your identity to run and try to hide
unable to let go of the way things use to be
feeling like the things you want are out of reach
holding on to sanity by thin little thread
knowing that most of it is all in your head
normalcy is a dream that you try to get back
always so defensive always on the attack
reaching for a life ring to pull you back up
hoping that you can get back to what you love

Mind Over Matter

the life you are supposed to live is the life that calls to you the most, nothing in this world will compare to knowing that in this life you did all that you could do to be free in the life you wanted to live. No matter how hard you fight, you will always have to fight for what you want most in the world and never stop fighting because those that would do you hard will always be fighting against you. You will always have a target on your back with a sign that says kick me in bold letters, no one likes to play fair when it comes to the game of life.

Conversations With Self

I had a conversation with the most important person
they told me that had a very important choice to make
they told me that I could give up on my dreams
or I could fight for what I wanted and do what was right
this conversation last about the time it took me to sleep
and when I woke up I knew what I needed to do
you see I have had many conversations with this person
some were calm and easy like two old friends catching up
and some were screaming matches to see who was louder
but every time we talked I felt better about myself
and the choices that I ultimately ended making
I have come to realize over the years that I need this person
because without them there is no me and vice versa
I had a conversation with a very important person
and that very important person was a very special me.

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