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Tommorow Will


The skies haven't been friendly of late, feels like they don't wanna talk back. Have tried singing, I know I have tried because that's something I don't do oftenly and I don't even openly admit I do.
Been days since I saw a star shoot by. Its been days since I thought of nothing but you. Its been days since my neighbour started saying something's horribly wrong with me . And it's driving me crazy. And its serious if I notice it for once.
Am not sure if its just me... I mean last time therapy didn't work ( sorry doc), I still talked to you and somehow you did talk back.. I felt it..
My wish was always " tell me a story till the sun comes up "... Never minding the forming dew cause it kept me awake.
Even the stars don't come out anyway, just the now usual dark canvas . if they do come up, its just momentarily before the long dark clouds quickly make there disappear, and it never rains in the long run.
" Hope tommorow will be different, and maybe you'll just say hello. " that's been my prayer for several days even am starting to feel like maybe am a little crazy.
I hope you show up tommorow, today's been a let down already, even the crickets don't like it today.. Am almost giving up..
I just hope you show up tommorow.....

© 2020 Amani Utembu

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