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Tomb of the Unknown Diagnosis Murder Rap

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Thought that the latest and greatest doctor's appointment

Would solve the greatest mystery of all: my adult angst

Got the bloodwork results and was deemed normal

Don't feel like a functional member of the human race though

Pretended more to be a regular 40 hour working stiff

Reality stranger than Hollywood's most contrived gossip

A nervous whirling dervish full of ants crawling down their legs

Hard to sit still and focus during a 30 minute Family Guy episode

Trying to understand the root of this complicated mind full of nerves

Why it showed and how to control it completely

Easier said than done, but hard to control when never consistent

Waking up a different version of a psychopath each day

Seven in complete total and utter disarray

Each one more potent and moodier than the other

Keep the sharp objects under lock in key; especially on Mondays

Gladys' mood not something you want to test right out of the gate

Preferred the silly and mellow vibe of Sarah's earthy energy

Until the realization that Monday was just around the corner

Would rather spring out of bed as one clear headed creature

Bushy tailed and sleepy eyed to the bare necessities

Something Baloo did not have in mind in The Jungle Book

Ready to have some rest and relaxation on an island

Lounging around with my best friend; my other half

Eating fruit and not have a care in the world

The ultimate and most unlikely of vacations

Especially with Michele in town, because she never relaxes

Too jittery to contain sitting on a beach with a Mai Tai in hand

Is it time to find a pill or a relaxation technique to change?

Make all these personalities one whole person

Instead of a daily variety show each week

Ready for a stab of normalcy; even if it's fleeting

That would be a nice present to have this holiday season.

Don't know if it'll come true, but still good nonetheless.

Time for some private R&R.

Time for some private R&R.

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