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Today - a Poem by Laura Grace

Laura Grace is a Mass Communications Major, avid gardener, poetry writer, photographer, and wife & mother of two daughters and a pet bird.


Today I won’t rise to go work on the yard

I will trade garden gloves for red satin ones

I shall dress up and get all prettied up

Instead of a shirt with sleeves on my arms

To protect them from insects and branches that scratch

I will wear a bold dress that all eyes will catch

Trading my boots that are covered in mud

For shiny stilettos that sparkle at night

I’m not wearing my hair wrapped back in a bun

Attempting to escape and break out of my hat

My hands won’t display dirt under my nails

I will curl up my hair and paint pretty my face

My garden is pretty, today it’s my chance

My eyes won’t be searching for pests or for weeds

They’ll be wearing blue lids, long lashes with red lips

I will put on some music to trade the birds chirping

Dance like a willow but happy not weeping

Today no more praise at my beautiful garden

I’ll be the blossom that steals all the sightings.

By Laura Grace

My Daughter, The most beautiful flower in my Garden

My Daughter, The most beautiful flower in my Garden

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