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Today We'll Start Our Tomorrow

Starting off with a new batch in a new school year

There were new faces and a new surrounding

Everything was new except for one thing

Other faces were familiar while some left and shed a tear

In the beginning, we were timid and constricted

We knew it would be tough, but we managed in the end

Our standing in the school and batch doesn’t matter

As long as we help ourselves and one another

Our journey through senior high school

Has made us closer and stronger

With all the homework and our teachers

We thank you all for using those as your tools

To the teachers that helped us endure

It made us build a sturdier ground for our future

To our Alma Mater for helping us face our fears

We’ll readily look ahead in hopes of a bountiful and successful years

In front of you joyfully we stand together our senior high school days will now end here

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