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What Is the Meaning of Today?


Author's Note

Sometimes I find myself writing poetry about different topics, ideas, or just a simple word. These three poems are a collection of poems about the word "today". All have different meanings, and deal with different subject matters, only with the commonality that they mention the word "today". These poems have all been writing during different times in my life, and I definitely find it interesting to look back at this poetry now and think about where my mind was when I was writing them. It seems that there is always something that stirs in my heart and my soul when I want to write poetry; some aching feeling in the pit of my stomach that gets me to finally sit down and write about my hopes, my dreams, my sorrows. This is the journey of a poet, the mind of a writer. My soul imprinted here for you to see. Although the words are simple and the meaning is not so large, I hope that there is something you can take from these words; something to remember, something to inspire, and something to help you get through your "today" just a little bit easier. I invite you to read my poems and connect, or disconnect, to what lies in front of you. Get comfortable, grab a seat, and feel the music of these words.

Today is Today

Today is today

That's all I can say

I wish that it may be enough

But every day, the words they stay

And my heart is battered and rough to the touch

What I'd like to say

If I may, is I loved you very much

And I didn't mean to hurt you but I just,

Wanted to be there for you

To show how my feelings are truer than true.

But now I'm feeling so jaded and blue

Because today is today: a day without you.


Just for Today

You can make it through today

Just like the day before

Just like yesterday

How you so effortlessly put your heart into something good,

You know this way because you live for it

You do, you teach.

Now you must take on the hardest task of all

Which is to teach yourself

The way in which you put your time, effort,

And strength into your career.

Because even though you have fears,

That sometimes you feel near the edge,

That one day you won't be able to hear yourself

Screaming from the depths,

Waiting for this pain to end.

You must look at yourself,

Be your own friend

Because you, and only you,

Have the power to let other things control you.

Remember that.


Hello, Tomorrow

Goodbye, Today

I have a destination

And I really cannot stay

So, thank me for the yesterdays

And Tomorrow's willing truth

Remember that I can't come back

To claim my lonely youth.


Ending Thoughts

If you ever find yourself in a poetic mood, or just want to try your hand at writing a poem, I suggest you try with a word, any word. Think of a word that is repeating in your mind today: focus on that word. Let it guide you in the direction of your thoughts, and let that word come alive in your thoughts. It doesn't have to be a story; it doesn't have to be a song. Just a sentence, or a moment, or a phrase that makes you wonder, that is the beginning of the poetic form. Once you have that basic idea, you can write anything. You just need to have that moment, like a photograph etched in time. The snapshot in your mind is your key to everything, it is your tool, use it wisely, use it often, and enjoy the journey of a writer! I encourage everyone on here to try this out. See if it makes a difference, see what you can come up with. I think you will be surprised at just what amazing things can come from a little bit of poetry.

© 2022 Anne Marie Carr

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