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Today Is A Time To Remember

Why Now?

I wake up early and look out across the turbulent sky

The trees bare except for their lightly covered snowy branches

My feelings are full of bitterness and anger

I hear of many storms across in different states

Waking up abruptly from a deep sleep

Listening to a t.v. program of two people arguing

I don't know where these feelings come from

I was not raised to think this way

A sudden dissatisfaction has settled beneath my skin

I pick apart my emotions

Toying with me as if I was the hard wooded block to be tossed around

To be placed anywhere at anytime

In the past, I was one part of many pieces

Played with over and over again

For hours of endless fun

You always thought of me as your favorite toy

Now carelessly tossed on its side

Each emotion I come to discover

Has not been in hiding for long

It has come from a place

I do not recommend

I don't deserve this treatment or bad attitude

I will find a way

To knock and sharply tap

This feeling of displeasure

Followed by a moment of silence

I reach forward

For everything I have worked for

Covers me like a warm blanket laying across my shoulders and drooping down my side

This will bring me to calm my outer body and find my inner strength

Not to look not into this dismal day

Giving way to a new set of vibrant, colorful, pleasant emotions

That soon overcome my earlier fears

Clearing up any disturbance and turbulence

Like a bad airplane flight

Only to hear those beautiful words once again

We will be landing very shortly

The weather is 83 degrees and sunny

Wishing you all a lovely day and a wonderful stay

Please come back to us in the future

To make your day

A little better than when you started

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