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Today Is A Time To Remember


Why Now?

I wake up early and look out across the turbulent sky

The trees bare except for their lightly covered snowy branches

My feelings are full of bitterness and anger

I hear of many storms across in different states

Waking up abruptly from a deep sleep

Listening to a t.v. program of two people arguing

I don't know where these feelings come from

I was not raised to think this way

A sudden dissatisfaction has settled beneath my skin

I pick apart my emotions

Toying with me as if I was the hard wooded block to be tossed around

To be placed anywhere at anytime

In the past, I was one part of many pieces

Played with over and over again

For hours of endless fun

You always thought of me as your favorite toy

Now carelessly tossed on its side

Each emotion I come to discover

Has not been in hiding for long

It has come from a place

I do not recommend

I don't deserve this treatment or bad attitude

I will find a way

To knock and sharply tap

This feeling of displeasure

Followed by a moment of silence

I reach forward

For everything I have worked for

Covers me like a warm blanket laying across my shoulders and drooping down my side

This will bring me to calm my outer body and find my inner strength

Not to look not into this dismal day

Giving way to a new set of vibrant, colorful, pleasant emotions

That soon overcome my earlier fears

Clearing up any disturbance and turbulence

Like a bad airplane flight

Only to hear those beautiful words once again

We will be landing very shortly

The weather is 83 degrees and sunny

Wishing you all a lovely day and a wonderful stay

Please come back to us in the future

To make your day

A little better than when you started


DREAM ON (author) on February 21, 2020:

Brenda Arledge There comes a time in people's life where they struggle with things they know and don't know. Some people turn away and let things go. Other people search and search for help until things get better. Sometimes we have to do it on our own. Then I found out it doesn't always happen. We keep struggling and we are out of choices. Many times I have found the wrong way before the right way. Then I am worse off then when I started. I appreciate your help when you are able to and once I know how I can do it on my own. I don't give up easily. It's just getting started. Thank you for your time.Happy Friday.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 20, 2020:

Dream on,

You are welcome.

DREAM ON (author) on February 20, 2020:

Brenda Arledge I received the texts and I will see what I can do. My wife has helped me in the past then she gave up. So I was on my own. Thank you again for all your time and effort.

DREAM ON (author) on February 20, 2020:

Brenda Arledge Thanks for the information. I will give it a try. I hope your day went well. Have a wonderful night.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 20, 2020:

I decided to send you email.

I have sent you screenshots which will show you how to do videos and photos.

I use y tube and find video.

I copy it by using share button on y tube video.

I know it's a bit confusing, but I an certain you can get it.

You may contact me on messenger if that is easier.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 20, 2020:

Dream On,

I am happy to help you.

I will try to find you on messenger.

It would be easier for me to send you screenshots.

DREAM ON (author) on February 20, 2020:

Brenda Arledge I loved reading your comment. If you notice I don't post many pictures or youtube videos with my poems. I am not sure about the proper way to do things. So I keep writing to explore the world we all enjoy. You make it sound so easy. I am willing to learn. I am glad you like my poems and if you have the time feel free to share. Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and friendship. Today is a beautiful day and I just know tomorrow is going to get even better. I hope you are having a lovely night.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 16, 2020:

Dream on,

I love this...There is nothing we can not overcome if we put our minds to it.

I like the way you look at life.

I would like to post some of your work on a page i created called Poets with a voice. https://www.facebook.com/poetswithavoice/

You may also post your poetry on a group called Sparklecity Poetry Group.

You can post on Sparklecity Poetry Group


Let me know. Thanks

DREAM ON (author) on February 13, 2020:

Dora Weithers Sometimes we don't know the direct reason for our sadness. It can be the weather, sad influences from our friends, thoughts of bad things in the past, our body not feeling the greatest. So as we explore different feelings we can eliminate the ones we don't feel are connected. If we stay open-minded and keep trying different methods we might hit the nail on the head. Then we can do everything to make it better. Looking around and enjoying all the wonders that stimulate the mind and spirit. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Wishing you a very beautiful Happy Valentines Day.

DREAM ON (author) on February 13, 2020:

Kari Poulsen When trouble strikes it is good to find comfort in the things that we love so much. The heat of a blanket brings comfort and makes me feel safe. Giving us control over the little things then we can move forward with confidence and a new found desire. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. You make me happy knowing I found thoughts that make your day better. Thank you so much. Have a Happy Valentines Day.

DREAM ON (author) on February 13, 2020:

Gypsy Rose Lee It is amazing how one day you are struggling and the next day you are doing so well. The effort in between makes it all possible. All the long days and nights trying to make things better. When we see no progress but we know we are improving from inside not outside where everyone can see. California could be your dream home. Wherever you find yourself fulfilling your passion and dreams. Please, keep me informed of all your progress. I am so happy for you. Today with the age of computers you can still live in Florida and write for many places. Have a beautiful Valentines Day. This may be the year to top all years. Thank you for reading and sharing.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 11, 2020:

Certainly a good day to remember when negative thoughts give way to "a new set of vibrant, colorful, pleasant emotions / That soon overcome my earlier fears." An experience worth sharing. Thanks!

Kari Poulsen from Ohio on February 09, 2020:

You have made my day better. I liked the part about being covered by a warm blanket, so calming! Have a wonderful day, DREAM ON

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on February 09, 2020:

We can always do with more hope. The sun is shining and there is hope that beach weather might be returning to Florida. I told you this year might be my banner year in writing and finally, a San Francisco company has shown interest in my writing. Who know perhaps California might be in my future? I always wondered why I got misty-eyed listening to Orbison singing California Blue and I had never been there. I hope you're having a great weekend.

DREAM ON (author) on February 09, 2020:

Lorna Lamon Life is a never-ending series of events that we can not control. Dreamers often see what can be not what is so they can create and change the world. If we let the bad things in the world control our feelings and our actions then we stop creating and doing good. If we can separate ourselves from the bad and still focus on the good we can help the world and many people. I have a lot more to say but I have to leave and will try to explain later. Thank you for taking the time to read my poem and I appreciate your encouragement. I plan on keep writing till my fingers fall off or until they whittle down to the bone. Each time getting a little better. Reaching feelings I didn't know I had or could think I could share. Have an amazing day. I will do all I can to do the same.

DREAM ON (author) on February 09, 2020:

Brenda Arledge When life doesn't go as expected and soon it tries to take over your body and your thoughts. It up to you to find things that you love that will give you the energy to concentrate on the good. Slowly bringing you away from where you don't want to be and don't belong to a place where you will create and enjoy all the happiness you can give and receive. There is nothing we can not overcome if we put our minds to it. Sometimes we spiral out of control because we let our deepest and saddest feelings take over. Thank you for sharing and caring. I love that you know we all have a happy place that makes us feel good and makes life bright and sunny once again. Have a happy and wonderful Sunday.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 07, 2020:

Dream On,

I like this one.

It seems that rough, bumpy landing of attitudes happens when we least expect it.

I have to remind myself to go to my own perfect pleasure spot until the storm is passed and it is sunny once again.

Great write.

Lorna Lamon on February 07, 2020:

Lots of fleeting emotions in this turbulent poem Dream On. I like how it flows from feelings of dissatisfaction almost like being in a storm, to the calmness of a gentle landing. You are blessed with the gift of writing. Loved it.

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