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To My Daughter

To You My Daughter


I'll tell you one thing my daughter - about me That of all blessings,you rank first

That in all of my wildest dreams,

I never thought I would have an angel for a daughter

And my love remains immensely yours

You might not realise , but I've always built castles in my mind,

Of the future we will co-build,

That at no point did I see you as of my own tribe,

But as the epitome of my pride,

That at no point did I stop to figure out your imminent skin colour,

But instead invested enough to educate you, So that while whites will boast of their 'bright' skin....

You will happily boast of your bright mind My daughter, You are made of my blood,

The blood that has run for so many a generation....

With both wise and otherwise personalities arising from it,

Yet I don't choose for you your path, I only ask you to pursue your dreams,

Sharpen your God given talents and most of all, Always remember to be humble

For in humility, You will dine with kings and still maintain your friends

You will find favour in times of need

My daughter learn as much as you can

And only seek to help people achieve their dreams too

Learn never to lose yourself for money.........Especially a man's money-

but if you must fall for money..... Then fall for YOUR own money

It is obviously certain that at some point, I will have to let you go ...

I know it will pain me to see you off to your new home

But please promise me, that it will not happen till you've achieved the top echelons in academia,

Promise me that the wedding certificate shall not precede your graduation certificate

Promise that you will remain the good obedient girl

To your last days on this cruel earth,

Promise me that you will support your family, with all the strength in you

And all the love that only you can give.... And finally my daughter,

Always keep in mind that While your mother carried you in her womb for 9 months......

I will undoubtedly carry you in my soul for eternity

You will be in me- a soul within a soul


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