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It's a Poem✴️. Being other part as Dancer, would always love to describe every bit of it



Finally, the sun sank lower in the sky,
A close silence in the evening lights,
And now call all the ladies out,
A thousand things in their head,
Keep them all on their toes,
Now bring all the boys in,
They seemed to be out of fairy dust,
And the fire burning in their eyes,
Feel the music and the beats,
Now start to give music, a whirl,
Move it all in the liveliness,
Groove with all that zeal,
Now follow in someone's foot steps,
Might land on one's feet sometime,
Now keep yourself on your toes,
Feel the footloose and fancy free,
Make a move, Twinkle your toes,
Knock! Might stuck dancing cheek to cheek,
Yes, start to strut your stuff and groove,
Now feel your energy and heartbeat,
You must find the enthusiast in you.

© 2020 Shreya MK

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