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To the Special One


Out of all those souls I've met in life

Darling let me tell you've been the best ..

For all those things my hands I've held

I believe that u have beaten the rest ...

The valuable things are rare to find

You were a dream that came alive

A unique bond that's too tight

Made me believe in life for one last time ...

Baby you are my everything

For every moment,

For every smile,

For all the memories that brought me back to life ...

For you made me believe in love

By a simple touch

A silent whisper

With all your heart and a little more ..

My world I would call u

More than my life I'll love you

More than the universe I'll respect you

My better half ... my soul mate

Nothing but my only hope today,tomorrow and everyday ....

© 2020 Sammani Galagamaarachchi


kenneth Wolstencroft on May 08, 2020:

when I see the ^^the answer ^^ I always think how was it said but feel a kiss is a great healer. And is the last thing that should happen before sleep and the first thing to happen to greet the NEW Day, and your for ever Partner

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