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To the Sea, a Poem

David likes writing poetry, he writes here about the sea and how it can have an uplifting effect on him.


To the Sea, A Poem

Strolling in sunlight

towards soft sand

down at the place

where the waters flow;

it's all before you

the earth and sea

with it's rocks and salts,

it's seaweeds

of browns, reds & greens

sometimes washed on the shore,

eagerly you move closer.

Tread the sand

close to the ocean,

you feel connected

to waves rolling in,

to the whole expanse

of the deep.

It's vastness that stretches

way to the horizon;

at low tide

rocks exposed,

all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Breath in fresh sea air,

see the glistening of light

on water,

waves curling over -

perfection epitomized.

Birds on the wing,

feel the sand under your feet,

look down at shells and stones

washed up,

move on slowly

cherish the moment.

You could go there

a thousand times

and always be drawn

by the blue-green sea

that moves on the earth

covering more space than land.

Even on cold days

it has it's charm,

and when the winds blow

all is choppy,

so wild and foamy.

You're not a wave,

you're not an ocean,

nor a fish underneath,

but you can swim in it

sail on it, walk beside it,

listen to it's roar,

feel the salty breeze

on your face.

With assurance you can know it

as a place you seek out,

for your soul to be restored.


Many poems have been written about the sea, it's one of my favourite topics to read and write about. I live at the coast so it's easy for me to take a drive down to the ocean when the urge grabs me.

I enjoy everything about it as I'm sure many do, I think I would feel deprived if I couldn't visit the sea on a fairly regular basis. Winter is actually a great time to walk there because it's not so hot and there are lot's of sunny days. What better way than to get out in the sun in winter and take in the sights of the beautiful ocean at the same time.

I always feel restored after visiting one of the beaches in the area.

Calm Sea


Stormy Sea with Bold Waves


© 2019 David Edward Lynch

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