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To the Guys So Close

Harish Mamgain is passionate about writing. He loves poetry.


To the Guys so Close

To the guys so close

Now so gaunt like creepers
Trod once the earth as gods
The time made them cupid
and made them admired, loved,
and proud
And the time made them helpless, weak , and worthless
Where have they all gone
And with them all those moments
Together they sat under the cool shadow
And together they all suffered the
scorching summer
And together they all trudged the
colorful paths
And together they all cracked jokes
And made fun of one another
And laughed and fought together
Sometime they spoke soulful words
Sometime they argued to the death
And they all ate together
And tasted so different foods together
How could one grasp the spirit
and the character so clear
with such penetrative eyes
that touched the very core
of each other
It's an stark truth that neither
the moments nor the life
overtake the eternity on the earth
but the souls which gather all imprints from birth till death
keep the treasure intact
to enjoy on the earth
and to relish in the world beyond
It will remember it all for all of them
to remind on the way
to this jig jag journey of life
to cheer and cajole , and to create
mirth in spite of storms
and whatsoever the times to come
The clock will not only tell them
time to come
but also remind the awesome time
that it so graciously showered on them
in the fantastic and joyful past
Time is the paradise all witness
and time is the abyss all lament
Whatever of worth all win and lose is the time

Harish Mamgain


© 2020 Harish Mamgain

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