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Pretty girl standing there

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


To that boy standing there
Why are you looking in this direction?
What is there?
Don't tell me I'll try to anticipate
Pretty girl standing there
don't give you any attention
holding her musical instrument
And she doesn't wear anything only her skates

swaying between the cars
And inhale the ecstasy surveillance
Men's camouflaged looks
that they hide from their wives
And the wives will not reveal it
And there is no device that detects
hormonal releases
To that young man standing there
Do you like this girl
I will give you free advice
You won't find it in any book
Leave this girl
She will betray you someday
If she does not cheat on you,
The days will betray you
Or the fates will betray you
Or the government will betray you
Let this girl
And look for an ugly girl

If this girl betrayed you
Betrayal will be simple
And the wound will be simple

separation is very difficult
And sadness kills
Leave that girl.

And the same story for the girl
Of course, we do not despise creation... or any human being... I just write the truth
And beauty is relative.

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