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To My Mother - a Mother's Day Poem

I'm currently a university student studying business, with a passion for reading, writing and everything literature!

Mothers are amazing! This poem is inspired by my amazing mother and I decided to share this in honour of Mother's Day here in the UAE (which falls on the 21st of March). Remember to celebrate and cherish the mothers in your life every single day!

To my Mother

My mother is my first home –

The first place that I had lived,

My mother is my first love –

The first whom I did hold,

My mother lives in me

As I lived in her,

She lives in every

Subtle movement

And every distinct

Manner of speech

That is now mine –

She lives in every

Action that I take,

In every flower and

Every lake

That paints a reflection

Of the shades and tones of

My life thus far –

She lives in the

Rhythm of my breath,

In every elated staccato gasp

And the treacherous legatos of my tragedies –

Somewhere in between the allegros and lentos

She resides –

She resides in every

Beat of my body

And in every twist and turn

Of the path I walk

Where every scent and sound

Reminds me of her,

She lives in every ridge and valley

Of my mind

Where all thought

Leads back to her –

My mother is everything that has

Ever existed within me

And I am her

As much as

I am hers.

© 2021 Shreya Venkat

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