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To Fix the Unfixable


We want more
and I guess we always will
we could never stay still
for a moment I stand here
and I shed a tear
I finally accept fear
We may not know it all
and we keep waiting for the call
No, a big no
We keep losing our glow
I once heard this quote
If the flower doesn't bloom
you gotta fix the environment in which it grows
I thought I was close
I tried to expose
There is no purpose, no suppose
We need to cherish this life
This life is like prose
What we wish for does not come in one dose
Look for it inside not on the outside
What you find on the outside
You have to put it all aside
Nothing will give you a true sense of living like the inside
You just have to try
It is always good to stay alive
This life is an ocean
Just dive
What you'll find on the inside is pure divine
No magic tricks
You just gotta fix


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