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To Be Broken or to Be a Breaker

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


It is your choice. You are in charge of your decisions. You just need to pick between the two. To be broken? or To be a breaker? We only like the feeling of love. But are too scared to face what's there when we fall. We easily get anxious over something. So we ruin it before it happens. Scared of the uncertainty. "What ifs" haunting every mind. Thinking everything is okay. Then it disturbs us at night. When someone comes, We have walls to protect ourselves. But when we see them trying hard to break these walls. We either build it back up Or let it fall apart. We overthink things. We look for what could go wrong Rather than the good things. The good things that could grow out of that love. That is why we leave first. Before they could. Saving ourselves. From the pain. But have you ever wondered? Wondered what would happen if it doesn't go wrong? What if you stayed and fought? What if he's/she's not gonna break you like you thought? What are you saving yourself from? The feeling of being broken? If you're doing yourself a favor by saving yourself from the pain and hurting them first, Are you even happy? This is not a race. It is not a competition where whoever leaves first wins. We set it in our mind that we must leave first before they could. But not knowing someone out there is willing to stay. Choosing to love is choosing to break our hearts. They have now the power to break our hearts. But that is love. You're going to break your heart when you truly love, But that's okay. Love is always worth the pain. Love always comes with pain. Love is the most precious thing that could unfold before us. And the pain that comes with it means you've loved. Why the hell would we fall in love, But aren't so brave to fight for it? When someone leaves, Just because they are afraid. Isn't it more heartbreaking to break a heart? A heart that loves you? Afraid of being hurt, But unaware that the other is hurting more. We have to take risk. But we can't force something or someone to be ready when they're not. Always remember, It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.