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To Yourself Be True


Don’t focus on the fear, the pinnacle of anxiety,

In patience protect your peace, secure the borders surrounding your soul

Make your life safe, walls are protection, not to be resisted, when needed,

Repentance is that safe place, and grace is its pillow,

Climb with fervor, mountains high above, let every ascent count,

Resist openings where theft of your person occurs.

Only you can guard your heart with the diligence it takes,

Relentlessly determining that you will let no opposition in you,

Stop you from being, being who? The best you that you can possibly be,

No one else can be you! It is a full-time job,

So, I guess you better kick it up a notch

Out of the heart issues flow, and should be tried,

The furnace is really in you, a fire should be within.

Reproving what needs to be turned to ashes,

Improving the quality of who you are,

Give less time to distractions, give them all a seat.

Be their teacher and don’t let them teach you how?

What? How to be distracted from being and becoming,

To derail you from Who? You really are!.

Spend time when you can afford it, Don’t allow time to spend you,

Or say to you that you lack the time, it is of the essence,

Focus on your purpose and what roles are suited for you,

Not on someone else’s purpose

Stop trying so hard to become, and just be

Doing without first being who you are is vain,

You don’t want vainglory, do you?

It leads to thinking every song is about you,

Even when that’s not really true,

That song wasn’t composed for you nor in your honor,

Write your song as you go, be the song you sing,

And you will never need the audience applauds,

They will only clap if they like you,

Sometimes boo when they say that they love you,

When they don’t like or love themselves, How can they love or like you?

Then it is up to you and this question direct only to ask yourself,

Why did I need the audience to cheer for me? When I didn’t even cheer for myself,

Be an audience of one sometimes, or know why do you follow a mob or crowd,

Who will know you better than you? God!

Doesn’t He want you to know you? and to be true to yourself,

Whether you fail or succeed, that this should be how you believe,

Not to lose any of your own dignity,

Why? Because learning to appreciate you, is not wanting others to do that for you,

It is an aspect of loving yourself, as yourself,

Yep! Faults and all, the good the bad and the ugly,

I can now repent for anything wrong in me that I see,

You can’t escape yourself, How do you escape, you?

Climb your own faith ladder, rung by rung,

More than one on one rung can be hazardous and is costly,

The purpose of a rung is to ascend upward, means there are stairs,

The pragmatic premise is that a rung is only for one to climb at a time.

What does that say? and where do you have to be to climb one step at a time?

No one else can be on your ladder at the same exact time as you,

You must climb it alone, but when you get to the peak and look down,

There may not be anyone else there, Why?

Because it is your ladder and your climb, there is a space up at the top

Take a new breath, exhale the old,

Breath is the only thing that stays with you,

From the day that you are born, until the day you die,

I repent with that breath may be needed,

From start to finish and all in between to cover your life,

Repentance is in that new place at the summit,

The moment marked in time to raise your bar of excellence,

It is alright to sorrow because of the way, grief can produce goodness,

What is in your heart? Is there any guile,

That is something you just cannot hide behind your smile,

Plow, prune, purge, cleanse, be purified,

Don’t just settle for a clean body,

Be steadfast, constant, consistent to assist,

In your own remedy provided for your soul.

These are notes ascribed to myself, but I called it prose.

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