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To Younger Me: An Open Poem

To Younger Me

It doesn't get better

Your love life still is like a barren wasteland inside your heart

It doesn't often rain

You'll meet a guy named Chase

He has Harry Potter glasses and is too poor to afford new clothes

Only you see what shines inside him

He is your best friend

Don't let the bullies get to you

Please don't let them push you away from him

He will cry

Everyone will press the blame into your forehead when he moves

You will be alone

Years will pass

They still will blame you

Every night you open your arms

Sleep is brought upon you when your pillow is soaked with blood and tears

You loved him

Then you will meet Colin

Dark and mysterious

The first to steal your pure innocence

His hands soft and eyes enchanting

The world is happy for you

You know love again

But weeks will pass

He will hide from you

You open your arms again

The distance forces you to end it

In return he ends himself

You will be alone

Friends no longer seem real

A cage is built up around your heart

You loved him

Next you will fall into Joe

A gentleman

He's in a band

A singer

Everything you never thought was possible

He will be your first kiss

You never see how much he craves you until you are forced onto the bed

Jealousy is cute

Extreme love is intoxicating

You love him more than the others

A silver ring hugs your finger

A beautiful necklace will sit around your neck

It will break

His big hands will grasp your arm

The voice that whispers sweet nothings will scream profanities at you

Your pillow absorbs your tears

Weeks later your bruises have healed and he's sent packing

You will be alone

Your friends hate you

Your parents will force guilt into your veins

You loved him


© 2019 Austin Koeckeritz

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