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To Write Or To Dream

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I Choose To Dream

There are many reasons for this

Some I will cover

Some other people will read in between my lines

Then soon discover

Some ways will be soon forgotten

Only to be brought from a time of long ago

Deep, from years past

When a writer could write

Then we could almost instantly see

Other writers who care

By there responses and comments here

I felt moved

As most writers would feel

Thanks to all the writers who commented

I couldn't have been more happy

Someone read my thoughts

Someone took the time to read my work

Then they went up and beyond

They spent their precious time commenting on one of my poems

There are writers who write the best information articles I have ever seen

I know I couldn't compete

My niche is more the side of fun and entertainment

Poems are dear and clear to me

That is all I write

I feel present

They speak what I feel and say

I don't have to act a certain way

In a world where we are free

I chose to fly and spread my wings

You may ask?

Do my thoughts make sense ?

In my heart of hearts yes

To other readers who read my stoems

I call my story/ poems

I hope I hit a soft spot

A funny bone that sometimes hurts

I hope I make you try to think

Maybe we hit it off

That would be great

If not I hope you have a great day

I wouldn't want to take up any more of your time

Maybe, you might come back another time

Then another poem may tickle your fancy

I might have caught you on a bad day

It can happen

I want you to go away happy

If you get the time

Tell me what you didn't like ?

So I can learn

Then I can try again

To win you over

Slowly, little by little

Bit by bit

Some people may take some time

They have to warm up to my sense of dry humor

Maybe even years

Rhome wasn't built in a day

I have been at this for twelve years

Still making ground and at the same time

Digging a hole

To bury the dead

What is a few years between friends

Back to my stoem

The problem at hand

A problem that I found

Was one that you knew years before I was around

You found an answer

Little did I know

Later you would share

Even though I searched hi and low

I became stuck

Confused and angry at times

As my reoccurring problem

Wouldn't leave me alone

It came out of the dark

Starred at me

That scared the bejesus out of me

A term my mother use to say

When I was a small boy

Some forty years ago

Each time I wanted to close my eyes and forget

When I opened my eyes again

My world began to spin

Faster and faster

Like a merry go round in the wind

My childhood haunts me

My adulthood haunts me

What can I do?

Think about it

Write about it

Put my thoughts into words

Then set them loose

Where will they go ?

I hope anywhere but here

I have other thoughts I want to share

The passion and love of friends and friendships

The connection that makes us human

So as I deal with my own dilemma

I soon see

Other people much smarter than me

They have told me in their own words

The way they cope with such a problem

A way I never thought of

It never crossed my mind

As much as I tried

I could not see the forest between the trees

I was lost

I was hurt

I felt the silent pain

Many other people go on with their day

I wanted and begged to do the same

It wasn't time

My thoughts were too fresh

It is like a death in the family

Someone can say move on

But until your ready

Nothing is going to change

So as I try to wrap my head around it

In a fog

I might be for some time

Does anyone see what I see ?

Can anyone feel what I feel ?

It is five oh two in the morning

My cat Charlotte woke me up

She had her own agenda

I was disturbed and perturbed

Then as my feelings began to surface

I realized they were no longer about my cat Charlotte

All she really wanted to do

Is eat and play

Who is now sound asleep by the way

It was a feeling I have been hiding

I have been burying my feelings

Into my work

Into yard work

My wife had no way of knowing

I have lost my spark

My desire to write and bare my soul

It took our dear Charlotte to startle from a deep sleep

Don't get me wrong

This is not the first time

She has done it so many times

It is her routine

She can be so lovable

Then at the same time

A real pain in my ass

You didn't have to even ask

It rolled off my tongue

Get this

I don't like and never want to swear

Matter of fact

It probably isn't even a swear no more

I even asked Google if ass is a swear

She said my apologies

I don't understand

So I approached her a different way

So I asked her the meaning of the word ass

There are three different meanings

Starting with the most common

A noun

An animal of the horse family

Which is typically smaller than a horse and brain call

If I wait too long

Google doesn't listen

She turns me off

The rectum

Sexual intercourse

Cheap British slang


Noun in British a stupid and foolish person

Ass as an example

I fell on my ass

After a fifteen minute conversation

I asked over and over again

It was like pulling teeth

After all this

I finally decided to call it quits

Not after learning a few more things

Do you want to here how it is spelled ?

Yes Google

Ass is spelled A S S

It stands in my mind for

A sad situation

Which doesn't help me

It doesn't uncover the truth

Google does a lot

It didn't help me today

I would have enjoyed so much more

Just a comment down at the end

Where I could see and enjoy

Other people could also see and relate

Have we lost the power of togetherness?

A few words said at the write time

In the right place

Can change our course of action

Our perception

Our reality

In some bright and magnificent way

Help others without even trying

This is not a monetary reward

It is so much more

A lifetime award

The lost art of appreciation

There will be some corrective criticism

I will take it on the chin

It makes me better and smarter

Maybe even a few words of laughter

Now we are talking

We can see what other people say and feel

Then we have a right to express our thoughts and opinions

Even if they are not shared by all

The beauty of words

Oh beautiful words

Now that can't happen

Because, Hub Pages doesn't want it to happen

So you can e-mail me

Put me in a thread or a link

That nobody will see

Why not just hang me on an old clothes line

Leave me out in the sun

To dry or roast

Either way is fine with me

At least you came here today

For one reason

To read something different

Something original

Not canned or even worth canning

My humor may be off center

Then again I blame it on an old type writer

Years of using it

It was suppose to make me better

It only made me look at life crooked

Then I soon to began to accept it as the norm

So here we are today

Two peas in a pod

You can eat me or throw me away

I hope you take action

I prefer the first choice over the latter

© 2022 DREAM ON

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