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To The American Healthcare Worker

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


There was an old nurse from Nantucket

who carried candies in her pocket

to give to her patients

when low on their patience

a break from the hospital docket.

There was Doctor from New Hampshire

who was famous for fighting cancer

he would tell the same joke

he would fool all the the folk

about when he was modern dancer.

There was a Lab Tech from Virginia

a young laboratory ninja

he would run those tests quick

to see why you were sick

part of disease killing militia.

There was a PA from florida

had himself a secret formula

to keep himself healthy

washing hands when filthy

making sure to eat spirulina.

There was an overworked CNA

who could never find the time to play

so she would play board games

to rouse the patients brains

after giving them baths for the day.

There was a Surgeon from Idaho

whose keen skill as a surgeon would show

when he would tear his pants

instead of blaming chance

he would take them off and start to sew.

There was a pharmacist from New York

who bottled peoples meds with a cork

trying to save a buck

playing with peoples luck

to recommend cough syrup with a spork.

Here's a toast to our Healthcare Workers

each an unknown hospital lurker

always there when you need

to help when people bleed

as important as local baker.

© 2019 Jamie Lee Hamann

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