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To That Strong Independent Woman

Princess is a language graduate passionate about studying Philippine indigenous languages and writing poems. She is also an educator.


To That Strong Independent Woman

Lady, you have to understand that...

It's ok to be looked up to, to be decisive, to be strong,
It's ok to be a leader, to think, to be different.
It's ok to be an achiever, to excel, to be rewarded,
It's ok to be in love -- to show and receive love.
It's ok to bear the responsibility, to work, to be better,
It's ok to rest, to laugh, to have fun.

You also need to understand that...

At times people treat you as competitor,
At times some men will be afraid to express love,
At times you may feel you are alone and unloved,
At times you may feel tired -- clueless, and lost.
At times you may feel like giving up,
At times questions are left unanswered in the dark.

But you have to truly understand that...

Life is a sweet surprise, a roller-coaster ride,
Life is precious, and so you are.
At times victories are waving, sweet memories are ringing.
At times freedom is speaking-- strength and power reigning.
So, it's ok to be strong, to be weak, to be cold, to be sweet,
It's ok to be you---JUST YOU.

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