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To See What Other People Know

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Life Is Short

Each day we live and wonder

Is this the best day of my life or is it the last day I will remember?

Look around you

See all there is to see

With your eyes closed

Tell me what you feel?

Do your inner feelings match up to your view of the world?

When I close my eyes

I instantly think of everyone I have ever known

All the good times and bad times we have gone through

People from all over the world

Who have laughed and cried with me

Have become my closest friends

They are my second family

Who have stuck by my side to the bitter end

In life we are born into families

Where we are connected through blood

Over the years we have shared our lives

Our greatest triumphs and hardest struggles

There is no greater love

Blessed are us who breathe one more breath

Giving passion and tweaking life

In our own special way

Another day will come

Another day will go

What we have experienced is nothing short of a miracle

We may not write a single word

In hopes to remember this wonderful day

It may just slip away

Just for one second

I want to relive the thought

That most have forgotten

The exact moment I seen you smile

That tear that rolled down your cheek

I was there

You thought I didn't see it

Maybe I did

Maybe I didn't

I know I felt it

Search deep

You will understand

A little at a time

When we thought we were right

We were wrong

This amazing life is only the beginning

With no end

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