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To Reach for the Sky

I remember like it was yesterday when my teacher asked me, "Where will you be ten years from now?"

Feathered beasts, flamboyant colors
Arms reaching, diving in waters
Free of spirits, can dodge and maneuver
Flawless prowess, see them flutter

Gargantuan contraption, predetermined for flight
Was mocked while in paper, now a marvel at sight
Mechanical engines, roaring with delight
Perfect prodigy of hard work and life.

Though less fortunate, spare and cheap
Colored, perfumed, by time while in heap
Folded at best by calloused hands
To fly whilst a paper, you’re given a chance…

Paper airplane, I wonder where you’ll be?
From these hands you are now free!
I have hopes the sun remain for good,
May the winds guide you to where you should.

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