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To Possess Your Possessions #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


And what baffles her is the disposition of her spouse to the whole scenario it was as

If nothing happened at all for he was living his normal life and it was discovered that he has

Even gotten another lady that he is romantically involved with, the lady he’s gotten is one of

The lady’s friends. People taught she will fight with her, but she never fights them as she

Has imprinted the words of her brother on her heart, that we are Clay in the hands of Divine

Potter, he knows how best to mold and modify our lives. When she considers that he lives as

If nothing has happened to him, she also started adjusting her life to the new dawn, the

New reality, that no one could be completely trusted and when one is living in another man’s

Dreams one would have problems, she needs to seek for the dream of her own, what she

Really could call hers. As she has brushed the thought of her love aside to face the new

Dawn that she has found herself in. However, one thing that she could not really forget is

Those ancient dreams, she really seeks to know the meanings to it, for what is happening to

Her is more than a coincidence, she believes she may be linked to those past dreams that

She has gotten. After securing a job at a company that pays her less than the initial salary she

Was receiving where she was, through that she could finish her academics. After her

Graduation and she presented her new certificate to the management, she was promoted.

She continues in this position for a while. Then the leaderships of the island want to employ

Graduates and she presented her paper and she was employed by the islands leaderships.

After her employment and she was receiving better pay, she was able to fulfil the desires

Of her heart for her siblings as she start to support her siblings careers and education. While

She was working with the island’s authority, then she comes across a guy whom she really

Likes. She sought through her mind to know the depth of her likeness for him and she

Discovers that her likeness for the guy transcends ordinary likeness, it is love, for she

Always dreams of seeing herself beside him every day, her dream is seeing her by his side

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Seeing her being in his arms or him cuddling him, kissing him, hand-in-hand walking

Together with him, that is what she usually sees about him and the guy. While in this position

Then she again dreamt a dream like she used to dream when she was a child, and she sees a

Lady fighting with her in the dream for something that she has discovered, while they

Were fighting just like in the times past, she sees that another old woman comes to assist the

Lady and when the woman wants to collect the thing from her, the young man she has

Admired appeared in the dream and beat mercilessly the woman, telling her never to

Disturb her again. After he has defeated them, she finds herself saying “thank you, thank

You”, and she wakes up. She was thinking the man knows about the dream but she discovers

That the man knows nothing about the dream as his reaction never shows anything of the

Kind. Though she has been the man’s friend, but she works it up to been a casual friendship

To deeper one. The relationship would become a romantic one later. And one day as they

Were strolling on the streets of their streets, she starts to share her past dreams with him

Then he interpreted those dreams to her, telling her, those people she has been fighting with

Were spiritual beings who had been depriving her of her blessings and made her to pass

Through Some agonies she has passed through. She told her of the last dream she had

And how he had rescued her. He replied that, it is the Divine Being who had appeared to her

putting on his flesh to deliver her from the powerful ones who have been monitoring her life

Since the time she has been given birth to. Assuming she was not rescued, it is a

Possibility that this relationship that we are having now may have not worked out. She

Was happy that at last she sees someone who could interpret her dreams to her and the

Relationship they have with those experiences she has passed through in life. Because

The man she got was her dream a dream called her own, they always had nice moments

Together, no one could ever snatch him away from her. After that dream, she never had

Such dreams again, for even if any powerful person appears to her in her dream, she will

See beside her a more powerful person who would arise to defend her cause, that is how she

Was liberated and could possess her possessions…