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To Possess Your Possessions #3

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She could not fathom this, at the last phase, when she has been thinking that the battle is

Over and she has become a conqueror. She could not afford not to complete her studies and

She had to resign her appointment with the company and started working for a lesser

Company with a lesser pay to keep herself moving until she finishes her course. She

Knows that if she could finish her course, and secures a job she would receive better pay

Than where she is working. Earlier before she gets to the final year, she has been

Romantically involved with a young man of about her age in her third year in the school

And they have been deeply subsumed in love, such that people cannot but marvel at their

Love when seeing them. Everything seems to be in order until they were at the final when

The guy dropped the bombshell to her that he can no longer be in romantic relationship

With her again for from his studies he has discovered that they are not compatible. When he

Says this, the lady tells him to tell her that she was joking, but the guy replies that he has

Never been more serious all his life. The lady becomes devastated, and as she was

Battling with how to cope with the issue of her sponsorship, she also receives another blow

From the only star in her firmament, the only one she has been leaning on all her days, the

Only one she has been sharing her hearts with. Then she remembers her dreams again

That are all those incidents and the past ones not related to what is happening to her? She

Would discuss this with someone, and the person says, it is mere coincidence, that she should

Not attach those past dreams to the recent developments. She let things be as they are as

She tries to get over what has befallen her, especially the broken relationship. For the young

Man was her joy, her peace, her hope, her all in all since the time they have started dating

Grace by Laura Story (with lyrics)

She has found unparalleled happiness, she has something to think about away from the

Bickering and disappointments that are prevalent in her family. Now that, her hope has been

Dashed and her joy again stolen off, her brother who has now grown up would again come to

Her aid to comfort her that she does not need to injure herself because of the young man,

For if what happened to her has not happened what of if her family now looks like their

Parents would she like that? She replies that she would not like that. Then her brother asks

Her to be happy and leap up for joy for in his belief it is the Divine one that is at work

For her, the Divine One does not want her to suffer in the future. She should always believe

That if something like this does not happen something that is gravely terrible than this may

Happen, he said to her. The young lady replied that such words is the common words

From the mouth of people when they want to comfort when terrible things happen to

Someone what of if good things happen, can something that is better not happen afterwards?

Whatever you say, I simply want you to believe that the Divine One knows about it all

And we are as pencils in his hands, we are clay in his hand who is a Potter, he knows and

Molds us according to the pattern that he likes. Have you seen a clay arguing with a Potter?

She shakes her head saying it is not possible, that is how we are in the hands of a Potter,

The Supreme Being he told her sister. He emphasizes to her that she is the one they all are

Looking forward to and she should not allow what happened to her to make her shift focus

Lose mind from achieving what she aims at achieving in life. She was grateful to her

Brother for all his words of counseling and promised to take the matter off her heart. Her

Brother would stay with her for two weeks before he returns to his place. One thing

However baffles her in all the thing that happened.


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