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To Possess Your Possessions #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He afterwards asks her why he asks of such question from him and she replies most of her

Dreams is centered on fighting with unknown neither seen faces in the dream. Then her

Brother replies that though he has no idea about dreams and its meanings but viewing it from

The perspective of physical it is not a good dream, because fighting is not good. She also

Responded that she believes so and that has been her heart ache, for she has been seeking for

Someone to share the dreams with to get the interpretation thereof. Since there has been none

To share her heart desires with, her brother told her that they should be on the look out

For soon they shall find clues to those dreams. However, contrary to what her brother has

Said they could not find a person to share those dreams with. And when she becomes a

Teenager she started noticing awkward things happening to her. When she was in the

School, the students and teachers have noticed how brilliant she is and according to the rules

And standards of the school it is the most brilliant lady that should become the Senior Prefect

Girl in the school, but at the last minute, her name was changed for someone else, a

Lady who used to be the third best in the school. She attended Girls High School. Neither the

Students nor the teachers like what the Principal of the school has done, but since she is the

Principal of the school, she cannot be questioned and everyone agrees with her decision.

This weighed the lady down, and was comforted by one of the teachers, telling her that

Occupying position of leadership in the school is even a problem for she may not be able to

Concentrate on her studies as before when she occupies any position of leadership in the

School. It was this word that soothes her and she soon get over the development and face her

Education. During their final examination when the island authorities was seeking for

Students to be given scholarships, her name was the first on the list in her school, but

Again the principal of the school would not include her name during the final shortlisting

And others whose academic performance were not as good as hers were chosen and given

Blessings - Laura Story (with lyrics)

Scholarships by the island authorities to further their education. This pained her gravely

And she cried and cried on this because of this and became sick because of this. For her

Parents could not afford to send her to school because they were not earning much apart from

That, they have not grown over their ways of life and the children have learnt to adapt

To their ways of living. This was why she was crying for she has hoped that if she could be

Given scholarship as it has been the norms of the leaderships of the island, she would be able

To move away from home and would be able to face her studies more and after

Graduating would be able to help some of her siblings. But now, those thoughts are

Mirage. The deal has been sealed and there is nothing that she could do about it again

Other than seeking for another means of furthering her education if really she wants

To further her education. She resolves to be working and applied for part-time studies

Which is now common in the island. As fate would have it, at the company where she

Was working she has an understanding superior who helps her make provisions for

Period when she will go for lectures. She was grateful for this leader. When it was a session

To complete her academics in the university, the woman who was her superior after a brief

Illness died. Her death shook the entire company greatly for she was an accommodating

And understanding leader. After mourning her as there couldn’t be vacuum in an

Establishment someone else was posted to the office and the person who was posted there

Shows no concern for the welfare of the members of staff under him and when he heard

That she was furthering her education he asks that she either chooses her work or retires from

The establishment.


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