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To Possess Your Possessions #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She was a child when she had the dream for the first time, in the dream she saw

That someone was struggling with her, the person who was struggling with her in

Her dream her face she could not really picked but she knows that she is a “she” of

About the same age as hers’. After an awfully long struggling with some sparks of fighting

A mighty person appears, the person was an old woman of about the age of her mother

Appeared unto them in that dream and she was thinking the person would settle the fight

among them, but in the stead of the person settling the fight, the person comes to her and

Gave her a knock on the head, while she was crying “my head, my head, my head”, the

Woman shouted her down and collected the thing she has held on to very tightly which the

Person fighting had toiled and labored to collect from her but which she cannot collect

From her from her and handed it over to her, saying, “though it is yours, but I would not let

You use it”, that is why I sent her to you to collect it from you, but since she does not have

The power to collect it from you, I am using my power to collect it from you and handing

It over to her. As she collects the “shiny” thing from her, she starts crying, beating her with

Her small palms, but her palms had not effects on her body as she ignores her cries and

Beating and handed it over to the small girl who had been fighting her for the thing. She

Continues to cry, while the small girl starts to laugh, saying, “thank you mama, thanks to you

Mama” as she wakes up from that dream. She did not know the importance of the dream but

She kept it to her mind. She however knows that the dream does not portend something

Good but there is no one to share the dream with, because her parents were not living in

Accord they live like cats and rats inside the house and hardly sees each other eyeball to

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Eyeball. Sometimes she uses to wonder how they could give birth to her and her other

Siblings for her thought as “babyish” as she was, was that two mature people before they

Could give birth to children would be in mutual accord, benefiting from each other, but she

Sees nothing that could be pointed to, to show that both partner are benefiting from each

Other in the family. Since she has no one to share her dream with, she kept the dream at the

Deepest corner of her mind, thinking one day an occasion would call for this and or she

Would see someone to share the dream with. This essentially was the beginning of her

Dream life. And from thence she continues to have terrible nightmares, and most often

Involves her being pursued in the dream or fighting with someone of about her age either to

Protect something that is on her or that she discovers something that looks exceptionally

Often in the form of pearl and there would be someone who have been monitoring her and

Who on seeing her detecting that rare thing would come to her wanting to take the thing from

Her, and as she struggles to protect that thing which she has labored for to get, there

Would be a powerful person in the form of a male or a female who will collect that thing

From her and would hand it over to someone else often a lady of her age. On rare occasions

She has found herself fighting with people older than her and it is also the same story, as

The person fails to defeat her in the dream, someone would appear, mightier and powerful

Who will assist the person to beat her. Since she was in the oblivion as per the spiritual things

For she and her siblings had not been brought up on the line, she keeps wondering of

What those things she used to dream about could mean. Sometimes she asks one of her

Siblings who is male maybe he uses to fight with people in his dreams and the person has

Said no, that he does not use to have that kind of dream, he hardly dreams he says and

When he dreams it will not be related to that kind, he replies.


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