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To Pappy, With Love

Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.

Artwork by Jim Tsinganos

Artwork by Jim Tsinganos

My first-ever friend. Can we speak, can we meet?
If I should stop by, will I find you at Prithvi?
Watch all of your faces, you rehearse your scene.
You drive around town. In the back I sleep.
Just carry me home on your shoulders again.

Can we fight for the telly till the day is spent?
Tickle mother to giggles, we're children of ten.
Shun people, we had us no need for them.
Your words scarce, but I hear the predicament.
Just hug me. I know that this too will pass.

Tell me tales of your chivalry from the past.
She was head over heals for your smooth charms.
Scotch on your left, right hand with cigar.
That story still has me floored with laughs.
Just tell me another before we stall.

These numbers are everything, the spacetime warps.
If you should stop by, hold my hand, let's talk.
I couldn't and still don't miss a thing at all.
Your son has learnt to play the devil's ball.
Just know that I will be the best.

My first-ever friend, we're light years ahead.
These men can't ride the same wavelength.
Like God is in numbers, so is He in pens.
Thank you, papa, mimi for my best days, for myself.
There is nothing more I'd ask for. I'll see you soon after.

© 2020 W h o I s I