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Get Back To Our New Normal

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Wanna find the get down
Wanna see everyone around
Wanna stop staying in
Wanna begin again
Wanna do so many things
can't do much of anything.

Wanna be more than just outside
Wanna be living my life
Wanna go to the coffee shop
Wanna start but we gotta stop
everything (for a bit).

Wanna be helpful
Wanna be a mouthful
Wanna see yesterday
Wanna find a better way
to exist.

Wanna make some money
Wanna say something funny
Wanna break the ceiling
Wanna decipher the meaning
of this.

Wanna a little bit more
Wanna go to the store
Wanna run and not look back
Wanna add to what I lack
while we wait.

Wanna scream
know what I mean?
Wanna sing

It's just a break we take
It's a sacrafice we make
so we can get back
to our new normal.

Please show restraint and patience

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